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Little Fighter Alpha Ch.9 Little Fighter Alpha Ch.9

Rated 5 / 5 stars

More awesome than AWESOME!!!!

"its going to take more than that to stop me" - Firen
Wow... he was thrown into lava... LOL or maybe im wrong
I really think this series is awesome... Cant believe you waited 3 years!!! we have
been waiting for ages... lliterally lol
im kidding... its good with a 'break'. It does take long to make such wicked episodes. This one had a whole bunch of awesome action. Seems like you increased your framerate. I wonder how the end will turn out. Bat turning evil and everyone thinks Firzen is the leader when its Julian. Keep the episodes coming..

MaxR responds:

lol Firen was thrown into the lava, but since he is Firen, he can control the flames. I'm glad you like this series, sorry for making everyone wait! It's true, people sometimes need a break, but for me, the break was a little too long. And yes, the frame rate has increased. Thank you for your review, hope to see your review in Ch. 10!

LF2:A Hunter's Quest Ch.9 LF2:A Hunter's Quest Ch.9

Rated 5 / 5 stars


I love this series... great story! Cant wait for the next season.
Who would have thought the dark one to be 'him'.
It will be a challenge to make a good story to the next season as you have two main ones... unless one dissapears :s.... Though judging from this 1st season im sure it will be great!!

The Little Fighter Movie The Little Fighter Movie

Rated 4 / 5 stars


HAHAHAHA... That was hilarious dude!! on a different level! lol
I liked the part where he waits to see what she does... and that he goes for the money... genius!